Upcycled T-Shirt DIYs

This DIY post has been a really long time coming. More than anything, I cut the shirts and immediately started wearing them and never photographed them all together! I’ve given up on this task. My favorites have photos. The designs without photos are either really simple/common like the crop tops or more difficult to perfect, like … More Upcycled T-Shirt DIYs

Normalizing Speech Therapy for Babies and Toddlers

Your child learning to speak and communicate is one of the most exciting moments in parenthood. It’s such a thrill to hear their little voice and finally understand what’s going on in their adorable head. With my son, Blake, speaking and communicating were a breeze. He was speaking in full sentences before he was two … More Normalizing Speech Therapy for Babies and Toddlers

Magical Mommy: Jada Blanco on Quarantine Beauty Hacks

On So It Grows, Magical Mommies are Texan moms with life experiences, tips, hacks, tidbits of knowledge that neither Amanda or I have the authority to write about. We like featuring other moms to provide our readers with a broader range of voices and opinions. Over a year ago we shared our first Magical Mom … More Magical Mommy: Jada Blanco on Quarantine Beauty Hacks

Iris’ Lip Repair

I thought about this day probably every day of my pregnancy. I kept finding comfort knowing eventually my daughter’s cleft would be repaired and she would look like any normal baby. But I never thought about the specifics of this day and especially just how difficult it would all be. Just before Iris turned three … More Iris’ Lip Repair